Clark Hill Committee Tournament Rules

The tournament committee, which will consist of the four committee officers and the Board of Directors, will be responsible for running all aspects of the tournaments.   The tournament director has the responsibility to ensure that people are properly checked in at the beginning and at the conclusion of each sponsored tournament.
All tournament contestants must launch and return from the weigh-in site.
All boats must be in the water at least 30 minutes before the official start time. (Voted out in Oct 2017) Note: you still have to check in by the designated time.
The official launch procedure will be by boat position, with numbers called from the end of the T dock in a flight system.
Prior to weigh-in, all fishermen must check in at the T dock by their designated check-in time. Anglers must weigh-in with their designated flight using their own weigh-in bags. Decision to allow an angler to weigh-in early will be left to the Tournament Director’s discretion.
National anthem is to be played before each tournament begins.
A polygraph test will be given after all committee sponsored tournaments and must be passed. The “committee” will determine who takes the polygraph test.
The use of cellular telephones, two-way radios, or any other type of electronic communication equipment or devices used to communicate between tournaments contestants shall be prohibited for all Clark Hill Committee sponsored events. However, this equipment may be used in the event of emergencies to summon help.
If fishing individually and your boat breaks down or you encounter a medical emergency, contestants are authorized to flag down another tournament contestant to have them bring their fish to weigh-in. Contestants do not have to leave their boat stranded.  If fishing with a partner, the boater or non-boater will carry the fish to weigh-in.  Under no circumstances can a contestant change boats or fish with another boater.
Clubs are allowed to use the first day of the Mr. Clark Hill and The Local Top Six tournaments to serve as their monthly club tournament.
Creel limit for all committee sponsored tournaments is 5 black bass/large mouth, small mouth or spots), 12 inches or longer. Bringing more than a creel limit to the weigh-in station will cause the contestant(s) to be disqualified.  You shall not have in the live well more than a tournament limit at any time. Dead fish do not count in the live well limit.
Short bass (less than 12 inches) found in the contestant’s catch at the inspection station will cost the contestant the short fish plus their big fish. If two (2) short fish are found, the contestant will be disqualified.  For fish other than largemouth, smallmouth and/or spotted bass brought to the weigh station, the short rule applies.
All fish turned in at the weigh station become property of the Clark Hill Committee. All live fish will be released.  One mountable fish may be kept by the contestant provided they notify tournament officials at the weigh station.
Only one rod per fisherman may be used at a time. Others may be rigged for use.  Only casting, spin-casting, and spinning reels may be used.
Only artificial lures or bait may be used. No live or prepared bait is allowed.
Trolling or wading is not permitted.
During tournament hours, contestants will not fish within fifty (50) yards of an anchored boat. An anchored boat is defined as having your trolling motor up and your anchor out or “power poles” down.
All fishing must be done from your boat. Leaving your boat to land a fish is prohibited.  Fishing from the bank is not allowed.
All contestant boats must be equipped with engine Kill Switches.
Life jackets and kill switches must be worn by contestants anytime the boat is on plane.
Aerated live wells are required in all committee sponsored tournaments.
Late penalty is one (1) pound per minute. Contestant(s) are disqualified after fifteen (15) minutes. Time keeper will be the tournament director.
All ties will be decided by the big fish in contestant’s catch. (If the weight for big fish is the same, the tie will be decided by total number of fish weighed in). The contestant must declare and identify their big fish to the weigh-in station official.
All complaints and/or protests must be made to the tournament director within fifteen (15) minutes after the conclusion of the weigh-in. The tournament committee will settle all disputes. Their decision is final.
Alcoholic beverages will not be consumed during tournament hours and not until the scales are officially closed.
Good sportsmanship is expected by all contestants. Disorderly conduct will be reason for disqualification.
The penalty of two (2) ounces (0.12 lb.) will be deducted for each dead fish.
The Blue Crying Board is the official measuring board.
Hole-sitting is considered to be un-sportsman like conduct and is subject to disqualification.
All contestants must abide by Georgia State fishing and boating regulation.
Parking will be prohibited on the entire ramp area, to include the top of the ramp area near the trees and edge near the weigh-in facility.  The ramp area needs to remain clear to allow for spectators to view the weigh-ins and allow vehicles to launch and recover their boats.  Failure to abide by the rule will result in disqualification for the event currently being fished, plus the next Clark Hill Committee scheduled tournament.