Clark Hill Committee
Summer Individual
·       Open to Committee Club Members only
·       Tournament is held on September 26
·       $5,000 First Place Guaranteed – based on 100 boat field, $2,500 based on 50 boats
·       Paying 1 place per 10 boats
·       Entry Fee: $100 per boat w/$10 big fish pot (2 B.F. pots available, 60/40 split)
·       Online signups only – signup by midnight the Wednesday night prior to the tournament to be included in the drawing for boat positions.
·       Boat positions will be posted on the Clark Hill Committee FB page by Friday morning (the day before the tournament.)
·       The lake will be off-limits to all contestants from Monday thru Friday, beginning at midnight on the Sunday night prior to the Summer Individual tournament.  Note: No tournament contestant may receive any information from a non-participant of the Summer Individual tournament that may give them an advantage in their performance in this tournament.
Summer Ind Tournament
Angler/Co-angler names
All onlines sales $5.00 Fee